What is 'Playtesting'?

Graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center work together on project teams to create games, stories, and experiences for various audiences. Your involvement in playtesting can help the students produce better work.

Before students finish off their semester project's work, they make use of playtests to improve the final project delivery. The term playtest indicates the use of an experience or game by a guest to see whether it is performing as expected. Guests have in the past tested a single project when invited in by an ETC team's producer, or a set of from three to six projects over the course of two hours when invited in for ETC Playtest Day. Some projects have experiences requiring two or more guests at once, while others are meant to be used alone.

By signing up, you will be receiving email regarding the ETC Playtest Day held one Saturday every semester, during which guests receive a pizza lunch break and test various experiences, along with touring the ETC creative spaces. You might also receive occasional emails regarding individual project testing opportunities. If you have a large group of playtesters, e.g., a Scout group, club, or class, you can email us and let us know your special needs.

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